CHAMBEr action network priorities

CAN Priorities


  • Support retaining the state’s effective economic & community development programs, which are critical in attracting new businesses to the state, encouraging investment in local communities and assisting in expansion of existing companies

  • Support tax reform and encourage tax policies that stimulate and advance business growth in our economy as well as the revitalization of rural Oklahoma 

  • Support every effort to level the playing field between community retailers and online merchants through effective enforcement in the collection of sales taxes

  • Promote diversification of Oklahoma’s economy through policies that will grow technology and knowledge-based industries


  • Support programs that align Oklahoma’s education system to serve the needs of the state’s current and future workforce to ensure that every child is college and career ready upon graduation

  • Support funding for Oklahoma’s career technology and higher education campuses to ensure affordable tuition for our citizens and encourage the growth of our jobs and our economy

  • Increase access to degree and industry endorsed skills certificate programs tied to critical occupations and support employer incentives for programs such as apprenticeships and internships

  • Support and expand access to higher education and Career Tech programs through Oklahoma's Promise and maintain its continued funding


  • Support efforts to enhance the access and affordability of health care by increasing the number of insured Oklahomans, which strengthens statewide health care systems

  • Support programs like the Insure Oklahoma premium assistance program that are designed to make health insurance more affordable for small businesses while assuring the program’s long-term stability and funding

  • Support the retention of viable employer-sponsored health insurance and encourage efforts to provide stability in the health insurance market

  • Support the use of an independent cost-benefit analysis to accompany any proposed health insurance benefit mandate

  • Develop initiatives to enhance and increase the number of physicians, nurses, and other health care professionals in rural Oklahoma


  • Support the creation of an Office of Accountability to monitor spending and agency performance

  • Pass line-item budgets for Oklahoma’s largest agencies to provide greater legislative control of taxpayer dollars

  • Promote Agency & Board reform for greater accountability and efficiency of state government  


  • Preserve Oklahoma's state highway funding and protect the Eight-Year Construction Work Plan as a primary component for the safety and well-being of our citizens as well as the growth and sustainability of the state's economy

  • Support initiatives that direct transportation user fees to be utilized for transportation purposes

  • Support efforts to expand transportation, water and energy infrastructure in a sustainable manner


  • Continue to develop changes in Oklahoma’s civil justice system that will make it more fair and responsive to the needs of business

  • Continue to support and improve upon the comprehensive workers’ compensation reform of 2013, which has reduced costs for businesses and improved the overall health outcomes for injured workers

  • Support and advocate for employer protections and property owners’ rights in Oklahoma’s medical marijuana laws


  • As part of an all-inclusive energy approach, support a stable and reliable tax structure for all energy development that protects existing investment and promotes new capital investment in Oklahoma

  • Oppose unnecessary legislative or regulatory intrusion into the energy industry

  • Support the development of alternative energy resources to complement the use and development of oil and natural gas Support Oklahoma’s current oil and natural gas pooling laws to protect the development of Oklahoma’s resources for the benefit of mineral owners, the state budget and economic development

  • Ensure that Oklahoma water laws, policies and regulations meet the needs of Oklahoma’s citizens; assure that adequate water supplies meet the future requirements of business and industry needed for growth and development 

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