We Mean Business

Your Voice at the State Capitol

The State Chamber of Oklahoma is the leading statewide advocate for business in Oklahoma. We work on behalf of our members, the Oklahoma business community, to affect legislative change and create a pro-growth climate statewide. The State Chamber leverages meaningful partnerships, resources and coalitions to achieve legislative results that strengthen Oklahoma’s economy.

The State Chamber is not influenced by the political machine, but we know how it operates. So when legislation that affects your business is on the table, we’re not afraid to pull up a chair and roll up our sleeves. We’re at home in the halls of the State Capitol. When you become part of the State Chamber, you not only gain access to those halls, your voice changes what happens there.

Strength. Numbers.

A private, membership-based advocacy organization, the State Chamber speaks for approximately 4,300 members representing 270,000 employees. Our numbers give us the strength to effectively shape policy and achieve legislative success. Together with our Members, Champions and Partners, we have been able to secure Oklahoma’s position as one of the most business-friendly states in the nation.


"The State Chamber of Oklahoma is the voice of business in the State Capitol."Steve Hendrickson
Director, Government Operations
The Boeing Company