Our Legislative Priorities

Our Legislative Priorities

Each year, we establish a legislative agenda to guide our policy strategy and lobbying efforts at the Capitol.

See our legislative priorities for this year in our 2020 Legislative Agendadetailing our policy reforms to help move Oklahoma forward. Or,  learn more about the specific issue areas where we focus our advocacy efforts. 

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How We Set Our Legislative Priorities

The State Chamber of Oklahoma’s positions on specific legislation is guided by our current legislative agenda and priorities as well as established policies that have demonstrated their value in growing our economy.

As a membership-based advocacy organization, legislative priorities and agenda items are proposed and voted on each year by our issue-specific committees. Our Board of Directors then reviews the agenda items to ensure alignment with proven economic growth policies before giving final approval for the year’s Legislative Agenda.

We encourage all members to get involved with the legislative process by joining a State Chamber committee. This helps us understand the challenges unique to your company and industry, allowing us to advocate most effectively on your behalf. Your participation also helps ensure the voice of your business is heard as policies are being shaped at the state and federal levels.