Frequently Asked Questions

Who We Are

How is the State Chamber different from my local chamber of commerce?

We encourage you to be a member of your local chamber. They focus on local issues and business recruitment. The State Chamber works in coordination with local chambers to complement their efforts at a higher level. The State Chamber focuses specifically on legislative issues that affect business at the state and federal levels of government. In addition, the State Chamber of Oklahoma is unique in that it represents businesses from across the entire state.

Are you a state agency?

No, we are a nonprofit membership-driven organization.

Are you related to the State Department of Commerce?

No, we are not. The Department of Commerce has a mission of increasing the number and quality of jobs in Oklahoma. The State Chamber's mission is to protect business. We do this by working with legislators to ensure the voice for business is heard at the State Capitol.

How We Work

How does the State Chamber of Oklahoma establish its policy positions?

The State Chamber of Oklahoma’s position on specific legislation is guided by our current legislative priorities and established policies that have demonstrated their value in growing our economy. As a membership-based advocacy organization, our legislative priorities are identified and voted on by our issue-specific committees and our Board of Directors. Participation in one or more of our committees is available to all State Chamber members. We encourage all members to get involved with the legislative process by joining a State Chamber committee. This helps us better understand the challenges unique to your company and industry, allowing us to advocate most effectively on your behalf.


How do I become a member?

Fill out our online application and then someone from our Membership Team will be in touch shortly to provide your company options for membership.

How are membership levels determined?

Our members reflect a wide range of entities—small businesses, large corporations, non-profit organizations, sole proprietors, trade organizations and more. Accordingly, our team works with each member or prospective member to determine a membership package that suits their organization’s specific interests and needs.  

Since I pay my membership dues to my local chamber, do you get a portion of my dues?

No, we do not receive any portion of contributions made to any local chamber. We are supported solely by our members.