Our results from Oklahoma's 2020 legislative session. Download the wrap-up.



2020 Legislative Agenda2020 LEGISLATIVE AGENDA

Read our 2020 Legislative Agenda to see our top policy priorities.



2019 Legislative Wrap Up2019 LEGISLATIVE WRAP-UP

Our results from Oklahoma's 2019 legislative session. Download the wrap-up.


2019 New Faces at the Capitol2019 NEW FACES AT THE CAPITOL

Oklahoma has 57 new representatives and senators who will be deciding laws that impact your business and community for years to come. These new legislators want and need to hear directly from you on specific issues that impact your business. To make it easy for you to find and connect with them, we’ve compiled this New Faces at the Capitol guide.

2019 Legislative Agenda2019 LEGISLATIVE AGENDA

Read our 2019 Legislative Agenda to see our top policy priorities.

2018 Legislative Wrap Up2018 LEGISLATIVE WRAP-UP

The State Chamber fought for and defended pro-business policies on multiple fronts in 2018. An intense legislative session culminated in the passage of a series of sweeping, essential reforms. Click here to see our 2018 legislative victories. 


2018 OK2030 Legislative AchievementsOK2030 2018 LEGISLATIVE ACHIEVEMENTS

In the first year of OK2030 advocacy efforts, we've already achieved impressive legislative results. A project of the State Chamber Research Foundation, OK2030 is a strategic vision plan to improve Oklahoma's economy, workforce, business climate and quality of life. See 2018 OK2030 legislative achievements.  


Economic Impact of the Oklahoma Manufacturing SectorECONOMIC IMPACT OF THE OKLAHOMA MANUFACTURING SECTOR (2018) 

A new study commissioned by the State Chamber of Oklahoma Research Foundation finds that the economic impact of the manufacturing sector on Oklahoma is significant, with far-reaching impacts across Oklahoma’s economy. Click here to download the study.


2018 Legislative Agenda2018 LEGISLATIVE AGENDA

Throughout 2018, the State Chamber will be fighting for a stronger Oklahoma and a thriving business environment for Oklahoma businesses. Download our full 2018 Legislative Agenda for all of our legislative priorities or read highlights in our consolidated version.


2017 Legislative Wrap Up2017 LEGISLATIVE WRAP-UP

Despite a turbulent legislative session, the State Chamber successfully advanced numerous policies that strengthen our state's economy and business competitiveness. See our legislative wins—and bad bills we helped defeat—in our 2017 Legislative Wrap-Up


Economic Fiscal and Employment Effects of Health Care Modernization in OklahomaTHE ECONOMIC, FISCAL AND EMPLOYMENT EFFECTS OF HEALTH CARE MODERNIZATION IN OKLAHOMA (FEBRUARY 2017)

This report depicts three illustrative scenarios for a plan to expand affordable private health insurance for Oklahomans. Download the report.



2017 Legislative Agenda2017 LEGISLATIVE AGENDA

Read our agenda for 2017 and see how we’ll be fighting for you at the State Capitol to ensure the laws passed allow you to continue creating jobs and growing your business. Download the 2017 legislative agenda.


2016 Economic Impact of the Oil and Gas Industry in Oklahoma2016 ECONOMIC IMPACT OF THE OIL AND GAS INDUSTRY IN OKLAHOMA

The importance of the oil and natural gas industry in our state has been reaffirmed through an updated report, Economic Impact of the Oil & Gas Industry on Oklahoma. The report shows that almost 150,000 Oklahomans earned $15.6 billion in wages or self-employment income from oil and natural gas activity in 2015. Other significant economic impacts are also identified in the full report and the executive summary


2016 Legislative Wrap-Up2016 LEGISLATIVE WRAP-UP

The 2016 legislative session was one of the most challenging sessions for the business community in recent memory. The end result was more positive than negative, but it is apparent that the next session will involve many of the same battles. Download the 2016 Legislative Wrap-Up.


2016 ACE Book2016 ACE BOOK

The 2016 ACE Book provides a snapshot of how Oklahoma is performing on key issues and economic indicators. Through insightful research and clear graphics, the Accountability for a Competitive Economy (ACE) Book 2016 clarifies where Oklahoma is thriving—and where improvements are still needed. Click here to read more.


2016 Legislative Agenda2016 LEGISLATIVE AGENDA

Drafted by our member committees and approved by our Board of Directors, our 2016 Legislative Agenda is aggressive in its call for policies that will continue to attract jobs and capital investment to Oklahoma. Click here to learn more.


2015 Wind Energy Impacts In Oklahoma Report2015 WIND ENERGY IMPACTS IN OKLAHOMA 

In the past 12 years, Oklahoma has grown from having no utility-scale wind energy capacity to now
having nearly 4,000 megawatts of capacity, making it the fourth-largest wind energy state in the United States. Click here to read more.



This report documents the structure and usage of the exemption in recent years and develops a comprehensive framework for estimating the economic contribution of the exemption to the state