Small Business & Manufacturing


To expand and grow these critical components of Oklahoma’s economy. It is important to keep the small business and manufacturing communities engaged in policy making decisions which may help or hurt their ability to remain competitive and ensure an opportunity for growth.   

Our Small Business and Manufacturing Committee brings together members of these important sectors each fall to discuss issues faced by their industries.

Oklahoma's Manufacturers Association

For more than twenty years, the State Chamber has also served as Oklahoma's Manufacturers' Association. Representing small, medium and large manufacturers at both the State Capitol and in Washington, D.C., we have focused our efforts on issues critical to manufacturers’ bottom line.

2020 Legislative Initiatives

  • Speak as the unified voice of Oklahoma's manufacturers, advocating business-friendly legislation and regulations at all levels of government
  • Strengthen Oklahoma's existing manufacturing economy through probusiness legislation, business development communications and networking opportunities through various programs and activities
  • Educate our citizens, employees and the emerging workforce on the continuing importance of manufacturing in Oklahoma and associated career opportunities
  • Maintain strong, positive support for manufacturers, The Alliance for Manufacturing Excellence and the State Chamber


State Agenda

  • Address the issues of identifying, recruiting and retaining trained workers
  • Reduce the regulatory and statutory burdens on small businesses and manufacturers while assisting them in their efforts to comply with current laws and regulations
  • Support tax incentives, credits and other benefits that foster growth opportunities for Oklahoma’s manufacturing ecosystem and small businesses
  • Support efforts to streamline, simplify, and reduce paperwork and filings required by small businesses and manufacturers
  • Support pro-business lawsuit reforms that will improve the competitiveness of Oklahoma’s manufacturing sector including product liability reform
  • Preserve and defend Oklahoma’s Right to Work laws, Workers’ Compensation reforms and Occupational Licensing reforms
  • Support the appointment of business-minded individuals to serve on state agencies, boards and commissions, and support rule-making processes that: include the voice of business; are consistent in procedure and scope; are transparent to the public; and, are accountable to regulated entities as well as other stakeholders
  • Support businesses, industries and manufacturers in research and development endeavors for the purpose of commercialization to compete in a national and global market
  •  Support communication and collaboration with Oklahoma’s tribal governments to enhance the state’s manufacturing and small business environment.


Federal Agenda

  • Accelerate the adoption of advanced manufacturing technologies in support of the MEP national network
  • Make permanent the Small Business Innovation Research and the Small Business Technology Transfer programs
  • Support the Small Business Administration loan program and other efforts to empower small business growth



Economic Impact of the Oklahoma Manufacturing Sector (2018)


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Staff Contact:
Kinsey Westwood
Kinsey Westwood

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Committee Chair:
Jennifer Ellis
President & CEO
Comestic Specialty Labs, Inc.

Committee Vice Chair:
John Feary
Executive Director
Claremore Industrial & Economic Development Authority