Legal reform


Reduce Oklahoma businesses’ vulnerability to frivolous lawsuits and remove legal threats and obstacles to legitimate business operations through legal justice and lawsuit reform.   

2020 Legislative Initiatives

  • Support pro-business lawsuit reforms, reforms to Oklahoma’s product liability laws, and push back against legislation that would expand liability
    • Support Rational Use of a Product Act 
    • Support Statute of Repose not to exceed ten years
    • Update the Oklahoma Rules of Procedure to reflect changes to pleading standards in the federal system
    • Strengthen the use of the summary judgement statute  
    • Support certificate of merit reform
    • Support a solution to place a limit on non-economic damages
    • Strengthen and broaden the Oklahoma Offer of Judgment Statute
    • Protect property owners from attorney fee liability when the state demands a jury trial in eminent domain appeals
    • Support amending public and private nuisance laws to avoid misuse
    • Support Transparency in Private Attorney Contracts (TiPAC — Attorney General contracts on a contingency fee basis with outside counsel)
    • Support pro-business reforms to Oklahoma’s judicial nominating process including term and/or age limits, and implementation of the federal (or quasi-federal) process
  • Support business friendly protections in the new medical marijuana laws 
  • Support efforts to further criminal justice reform to improve workforce and protect public safety while decreasing costs within the state's budget
  • Special Laws:  Support reforming Article 5, Section 46 of the Oklahoma Constitution to remove the provision limiting civil actions
  • Logrolling:  Support reforming Article 5, section 57 of the Oklahoma Constitution to include clear, defined and simple guidelines on what constitutes or does not constitute a violation of the single-subject provision
  • The American Law Institute’s Restatement of the Law, Liability Insurance does not constitute the law or public policy of this state if the statement is inconsistent or in conflict with: The Constitution of the United States or Oklahoma; Oklahoma statute; Oklahoma case law precedent; or other common law that may have been adopted by Oklahoma


Issue Brief: Key Lawsuit Reforms & Their Impact (2017)
Issue Brief: The Impact of Judicial Philosophy on Business and Industry  (2017)


JOIN Committee 

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Kinsey Westwood

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