Developing a healthy business climate

Developing a healthy business climate

Agility and grit. Two crucial attributes to possess in a market bullied by a virus. Survival depends on the adaptation to an unfamiliar order of life and business. This moment in time is hard and precarious, yet we must not fail to harness the opportunity presented for us to innovate and excel. This includes the State Chamber.

To create excellence, we had to be open to change internally and ensure our operational structure was efficient to best support our members and fulfill our mission. To perfect this, emphasis will be placed on what we do best – advocating for businesses at the Capitol, in the regulatory arena and the courtroom. We want to make sure we are focused on the right things. This is no different than what each of our members have been forced to do it the last several months. 

To target our focus directly on advocating for business, the first task is identifying the changes needed to the regulatory and legislative environment to make Oklahoma the place where companies grow and thrive - because when business succeeds, so do Oklahomans.  Developing a healthy business climate leads to an increase in employment opportunities, an expanded tax base for the state and local communities, a higher standard-of-living and better access to various services. The State Chamber has taken the first steps to launch Oklahoma’s Comeback and identify what is needed to propel Oklahoma’s economy and the prosperity of its citizens into the years ahead.

Under the leadership of our new chairman, Kristin Peck, I am enthusiastic about what we can accomplish. Kristin is the vice president of public affairs for Cox Communications. In her role, she is responsible for leading internal and external communications, community giving, external outreach and issues management, and employee engagement initiatives for Cox Communications’ central region. She joins the ranks of strong female leaders throughout our state and her positive presence will be felt, especially in her position as a role model. I am honored to serve under her leadership and can think of no better person to lead the State Chamber into our brightest moment.

In the coming months, we will begin setting our sights on the issues that will really move the needle for Oklahoma’s Comeback. At the same time, the team at the State Chamber is eager to redefine how we engage and looks forward to enhancing the value and benefits of being a part of our organization. The future of Oklahoma and the Chamber will hinge on its leadership. We are confident in ours.

Note: This article was first published in The Journal Record on July 10, 2020.